Suppress the 'press any key to continue' in batch script


Solution 1

That's the output of the PAUSE command:

The problem with PAUSE is that it's often necessary when you run a batch file from Windows explorer (or you cannot read the output) but it's annoying in the command prompt. I asked about it here and I was suggested a nifty trick:

Conditional PAUSE (not in command line)

Solution 2

Pause>nul Will make it not echo 'press any key to continue . . .'

Solution 3

you can call other script like this from source, @echo | call otherScript.bat please find the detailed answer here Another thread with example


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Updated on May 13, 2022


  • Venu
    Venu 15 days

    I am writing a batch script. After a stage in the command window it says 'press any key to continue' and halts, and after something is pressed the script continues. How can I prevent this in the script?

    • ykatchou
      ykatchou over 11 years
      Could we see the source code ? :/
    • papo
      papo about 4 years
      This question doesn't specify if you want to avoid the text or the stopping of the script. @Silly's answer will hide the text, @user1066231's answer will cause the script will not stop and wait. This could actually also be achieved by pause<nul, which looks similar to pause>nul but has different result
  • Admin
    Admin 11 months
    Brilliant! And since PAUSE seems to wait too long I now use this : timeout /t 1 >nul