AVD manager in Intellij is disabled


Solution 1

Solution: File -> Settings -> Enter 'Android' into search bar. Select 'Android SDK'.

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Select 'edit'. Intellij now asks to download the SDK (~800MB). Intellij becomes unresponsive whilst software downloads and installs (it seems clicking cancel waits until software has downloaded, to cancel). Takes about 5 minutes.

Once done AVD manager now active. enter image description here

Solution 2

File > Project Structure > Dependencies and set SDK. This will set your Android SDK in settings also

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enter image description here

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Updated on December 07, 2022


  • andyw
    andyw 11 months

    I am logging this issue and solution (below) as, for the second time, I find myself wasting hours on it.

  • Rahul Mahadik
    Rahul Mahadik almost 5 years
    Thanks, i got one more way, from where it already done to my settings. I'll put it in answer
  • User Rebo
    User Rebo over 3 years
    See also this: stackoverflow.com/a/54770056/5164462, if Android doesn't show up in Tools at all.