Can't find Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library or FM20.DLL


Solution 1

From this old knowledge base article my guess would be this DLL is perhaps only included in older versions of Office? This part seemed promising:

As an alternative to having your end users install Microsoft Office, you can have them freely download and install the Microsoft ActiveX Control Pad, which also installs the Fm20.dll. For more information, see the following Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) Web site:

However, as the linked tool is from 1997, you'll need to run its setup in "compatibility mode" by right-clicking on the executable and selecting "Properties" then clicking on the "Compatibility" tab and selecting "Windows 95" in the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" dropdown. Then run it as administrator (this worked for me using Windows 8.1).

Solution 2

On 64-bit machines, FM20.dll is in the C:\Windows\sysWOW64 directory. It's 32 bit.

Solution 3

I found FM20.DLL in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\VFS\SystemX86; that's with MS Office 2016 and Windows 10.

Solution 4

Maybe you can try a late binding using the CLSID

Dim MyDataObj As Object Set MyDataObj = CreateObject("New:{1C3B4210-F441-11CE-B9EA-00AA006B1A69}")

or something like that.


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Updated on June 04, 2022


  • Lime
    Lime 2 days

    In my Excel 2016 project (Windows 7), I'd like to work with the clipboard:

    Dim DataObj As New MSForms.DataObject

    But I've got this compiler Error at the first line of code:

    User-defined type not defined

    So I would like to add the reference to the Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library but I have no FM20.DLL file on my entire computer (I have searched through explore and find with cygwin).

    I expect to see it as in the screenshot below, but I can't find it.

    VBA list of available references

    How can I make it appear?

    • Daniel Dušek
      Daniel Dušek
      And have you tried to re-install Excel? When re-installing take care about the tools for Office and VBA.
  • jkpieterse
    jkpieterse over 6 years
    Nope, FM20 should be in all Office installations which include VBA.
  • Lime
    Lime over 6 years
    What is the path to your file?
  • Lime
    Lime over 6 years
    @jkpieterse It should but isn't always by evidence of the computers I have used. Also the link is 32bit only. Funny thing I actually tried it before posting the question. I didn't give the downvote by I will try the compatibility mode at some point although Im quite certain it won't work.
  • jkpieterse
    jkpieterse over 6 years
    I've never had one without fm20.dll, so these must be incomplete Office installations. Try a full install. Note that if you have a click to run Office 2016 installation is streamed "as you go" so it might take some time before you have everything.
  • Thomas
    Thomas over 2 years
    This is the correct answer, don't be confused by the accepted answer...
  • Marcelo Scofano Diniz
    Marcelo Scofano Diniz over 1 year
    Not only it is the correct answer, but does help explain this strange behaviour that I noticed and asked why.
  • fosautoparts
    fosautoparts 3 months
    I have Office 64-bit and FM20.dll is not in the sysWOW64 folder, but is in the C:\Windows\System32 folder (strangely, only when browsing from the "References - VBAProject box, but is not visible in Windows Explorer even with all files showing including hidden/protected system files). I'm not sure if it will work correctly with Excel 64-bit, but so far so good.