Disable low battery notifications/warning on 15.04


Solution 1

What worked for me (on Ubuntu 16.04) was uninstalling the battery indicator:

sudo apt-get remove indicator-power

Followed by a reboot.

Solution 2

Open dconf Editor and do the following.

Go to org > unity > settings-daemon > plugins > power

and unmark notify-perhaps-recall.

and change:

Percentage-action, percentage-critical, and percentage-low

to 0.

Revert these changes when you replace your battery.


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • softchassis
    softchassis 9 months

    I would like to disable the low battery warnings on Ubuntu 15.04 with Unity. My laptop seems to have a faulty charge port or has trouble detecting the true charge of any battery I put in it, even brand new batteries, so I'm constantly being bombarded with low battery warnings. I can't replace my laptop at the moment, either.

    How can I disable the low battery warnings?

  • softchassis
    softchassis almost 8 years
    When I go into dcomf I seem to be missing the option for Unity. Gnome is there, though.
  • RonnieDroid
    RonnieDroid almost 8 years
    Do the same but with gnome, try it may work. let me know what happens.