Double Tap/ double click Angular2 & ionic


Solution 1

So after 1-2 hours it was obvious, you don't need to catch double click events with Ionic, but with pure JavaScript: dblclick()

So in Angular 2 it would be: (dblclick)="myFunction()" and that's it!

Here you will find other events for JavaScript.

Solution 2

html file

<button (tap)="tapEvent()">Tap Me!</button>

ts file

let count : number = 0;
setTimeout(() => {
  if (this.count == 1) {
    this.count = 0;
    alert('Single Tap');
  }if(this.count > 1){
    this.count = 0;
    alert('Double Tap');
}, 250);


Solution 3

To catch the double click event, the following can be used:


If we want to fire a function on click and onother function on double click we can use the following:

<button (click)="simpleClickFunction()" (dblclick)="doubleClickFunction()">click me!</button>

However, the simpleClickFunction function will be called also when doubleClickFunction is fired. To prevent it to happen, setTimeout can help as the following:

html template

<button (click)="simpleClickFunction()" (dblclick)="doubleClickFunction()">click me!</button>


simpleClickFunction(): void{
    this.timer = 0;
    this.preventSimpleClick = false;
    let delay = 200;

    this.timer = setTimeout(() => {
        //whatever you want with simple click go here
        console.log("simple click");
    }, delay);


  doubleClickFunction(): void{
    this.preventSimpleClick = true;
    //whatever you want with double click go here
    console.log("double click");

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Updated on June 15, 2022


  • luiswill
    luiswill about 18 hours

    I am searching on many forums and questions, but nobody seems to ask how to double click ou double tap in Angular/ionic 2 ?

    In ionic v1 it was available with on-double-tap (see

    Does anyone maybe have a tip or any code to catch double click events on ionic 2 / angular 2?

    Maybe through HammerJS?

    Thank you very much ! Luis :)

  • edkeveked
    edkeveked about 3 years
    Could the one who downvoted the question please explain why ?
  • Edoardoo
    Edoardoo over 2 years
    I'm not the one who downvoted, but I guess it's because your answer doesn't add anything to the other answers and also because it's not addressing the major issue of multi platform compatibility. But again, it's just a guess.
  • edkeveked
    edkeveked over 2 years
    The answer has been upvoted by others. So the answer is useful for others
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    flyer over 1 year
    The link to gestures is now here: