Error when trying to add additional mailbox in Outlook: The name could not be resolved


I had this same issue for a remote user. Driving me nuts because I could do it in the office, but not on his computer. I found that by forcing Outlook to lookup his name (as though I was going to change the main mailbox) that I could then press Add and be prompted for a user name - which then was added as an additional mailbox.


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Updated on September 17, 2022


  • Admin
    Admin almost 2 years

    I am trying to open an additional mailbox in Outlook 2003 for one of my users. She already has three additional mailboxes in the list (found in the advanced account settings), and these work fine. When I click the "Add..." button, it immediately reports:

    The name could not be resolved. The action could not be completed.

    This is before I am prompted for the name.

    We're using an externally hosted Exchange 2007 server.

    How do I resolve this?

    • musashiXXX
      musashiXXX almost 12 years
      Try disabling cached exchange mode on the client.
  • Admin
    Admin over 13 years
    Right-On Ken. I just had this identical scenario. I deleted a character from the primary user's name, re-added it, clicked on Check Name, verified by underline, then clicked More Settings to finish adding the additional mailbox. So simple, yet so frustrating. thanks for the tip.