Flutter - Json.decode return incorrect json


I'm sure the JSON response that you get is like this:

{"code":0,"message":"","body":[{"id":1,"descripcion":"Terreno Rio"},{"id":2,"descripcion":"Terreno Asier"}]}

So in order to parse that JSON, you can just access the body directly:

List list = responseJson['body'];

Now you can iterate through the elements of the array:

for (Map<String, dynamic> element in list) {
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    Recently I change all JSON of my app to show the errors, messages, and body of the service. In the body, I have an array of data. Before I change the JSON, all worked doing something like this:

    final responseJson = json.decode(response.body);

    Which returned:

    [{"id":1,"descripcion":"Terreno Rio"},{"id":2,"descripcion":"Terreno Asier"}]

    Now I try to do something like this:

    final responseJson = json.decode(response.body);

    Which returns:

    [{"code":0,"message":"","body":[{"id":1,"descripcion":"Terreno Rio"},{"id":2,"descripcion":"Terreno Asier"}]}]

    Does anybody know the right way to extract some element of the JSON and decode?