Free UML tool, ideally for .NET


Solution 1

I can highly recommend Software Ideas Modeler.

  • UML
  • Data Flow Diagram
  • Flowchart
  • Robustness Diagram
  • CRC
  • Entity-Relationship-Diagram

It can create models out of C# and VB.NET Code. It can also generate code from models for a lot of languages, including C#, C++ and VB.NET. It's free for non-commercial use.

Solution 2

StarUML can generate C# code, I've haven't used it integrated with Visual Studio but as a standalone product.

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Updated on June 05, 2020


  • Pingpong
    Pingpong almost 3 years

    Could anyone suggest an UML tool which you have used and would like to recommend (please provide pros and cons of the tool you recommend, if possible), that meets the following requirements:

    1) Free, and comply with standards

    2) Ideally for .NET

    Please note that the UML in Visual studio Pro is not good enough, VS Ultimate is not considered.

    Below is a list on google

  • Pingpong
    Pingpong almost 12 years
    Could you elaborate why you like it?
  • mbx
    mbx over 11 years
    staruml is nice, but dead - yet it ist too dumb to handle generics/templates when reverse engineering code
  • tedebus
    tedebus about 6 years
    But... it's not free (that's the primary request)