Google Drive API - Search all files inside a root folder and sub folders in C#


I only have objective-C sample code for search all file and folder.

I use recursive way for search all file.

you can use file MIMEType for determine folder or file.


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Gopal Biswas
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Gopal Biswas

Updated on November 30, 2022


  • Gopal Biswas
    Gopal Biswas about 1 month

    I want to search all files inside a root folder and its sub folders in Google Drive API using C#. Suppose there is a root folder "A" which contains 5 files and a sub folder named "B". The sub folder "B" contains 4 files only. Now I have to populate all the files inside the root folder(5 + 4 = 9 files). Currently I'm populating files like-

    FilesResource.ListRequest list = service.Files.List();
     list.OrderBy = "createdDate";
                    list.MaxResults = 1000;
    if (search != null)
                        list.Q = search;
      FileList filesFeed = list.Execute();

    If anyone has any idea please share.


    • comrademike
      comrademike about 9 years
      Are you sure you haven't switched wifi off with a keystroke? laptops have a key set to turn wifi off for when you are on planes. On mine it is f12. worth checking first anyway.
    • Eric Carvalho
      Eric Carvalho about 9 years
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    • tropikalista
      tropikalista about 9 years
    • BugFinder
      BugFinder over 6 years
      What problem specifically are you having
    • DaImTo
      DaImTo over 6 years
      What is search? list will automatically return all the files and folders on drive. Are you trying to say you just want the files and not the directories?
    • Gopal Biswas
      Gopal Biswas over 6 years
      @ DaImTo... correct. I just need to return all the files not the directories with all file properties.