How can I see my System details in a Graphical way? (in Lubuntu)


Its called "system profiler and benchmark", and can be found under system tools

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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Admin
    Admin about 1 year

    I am new to LUbuntu. In Windows, if I want to know my system properties, I see it by going to Control Panel and clicking on the System icon.

    What are the equivalents of these features in LUbuntu, where a user can see his system properties and hardware configuration, like RAM, CPU/processor, hard disk capacity, etc.?

  • David
    David over 1 year
    I didn't find "system profiler and benchmark" under System Tools in my recent install of Lubuntu. But you can install it using the "Discover" app (also under System Tools). I used the search box in Discover and entered "system profiler" and it appeared at the top of the list.