How do I check version of alpine mail client?


Solution 1

oh, just found it:

alpine -version

Solution 2

That works even without alpine installed (e.g. in Docker container):

$ cat /etc/alpine-release 

Solution 3

You should be able to run the command alpine -v or alpine -version ... you can also start Alpine and press ? on the main menu to open the main Help page, which will also tell you the version.

If your system has a package manager that you used to install Alpine, you can also check with that. For example, on my Debian system, I'd run:

$ dpkg -l | grep alpine
ii  alpine      1.10+dfsg-3     Text-based email client, friendly for novices but powerful

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Updated on September 17, 2022


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    How do I check on a Unix server what version of the Alpine mail client is installed?

    I have root access in case that is needed.

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  • Luigi Ranghetti
    Luigi Ranghetti almost 6 years
    While this does answer my question (and probably yours), this is how to check the Alpine OS version, not the Text-based email client. ;)
  • KargWare
    KargWare almost 3 years
    On Alpine v3.10.2 I was NOT able to use alpine -version I tried ash ans zsh as shell
  • juslintek
    juslintek 11 months
    you have to run apk add alpine, before you can execute that.