How to change Tkinter label text on button press


You can make message a StringVar to make callback.

message = tkinter.StringVar()

message.set('Not pressed.')

You need to set message to be a textvariable for Instruction:

Instruction = tkinter.Label(Tk, textvariable=message, font='size, 20').pack()

and then

def press():
    message.set('Button Pressed')
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Updated on October 02, 2020


  • Phoenix
    Phoenix over 2 years

    I have this code, and its meant to change the text of the Instruction label when the item button is pressed. It doesn't for some reason, and I'm not entirely sure why. I've tried creating another button in the press() function with the same names and parameters except a different text.

    import tkinter
    import Theme
    import Info
    Tk = tkinter.Tk()
    message = 'Not pressed.'
    #Sets window Options
    Tk.resizable(width='FALSE', height='FALSE')
    Tk.wm_geometry("%dx%d%+d%+d" % (720, 480, 0, 0))
    #Method run by item button
    def press():
        message = 'Button Pressed'
    #item button
    item = tkinter.Button(Tk, command=press).pack()
    Instruction = tkinter.Label(Tk, text=message, bg=Theme.GUI_hl2, font='size, 20').pack()
  • Phoenix
    Phoenix about 8 years
    PY_VAR0 has replaced the "Button Not Pressed" and "Button Pressed" text it would seem
  • fdsa
    fdsa about 8 years
    @Phoenix don't understand your comment
  • Phoenix
    Phoenix about 8 years
    When I run my program, It displays "PY_VAR0" Instead of "Button Pressed", which should be displayed after it is pressed, or "Not Pressed" before it is pressed.
  • Pyd
    Pyd about 5 years
    AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute '_root'