How to create screen session on startup with command that doesn't end when command finishes


Two ways. Either invoke a shell to run the script, which then replaces itself (using the exec builtin) with an interactive shell when the script is done

screen -dmS test bash -c '~/tmp/; exec bash'

or keep your current screen command and put exec bash in your script.

node ~/dev/mouser/app.js
exec bash

(On a side note, there's no point in having an extension on a script. It will just give you dependency headaches later if you rewrite it in another language. If you look in /bin and /usr/bin, you'll find a lot of sh, bash and python scripts; none of which have a .sh, .bash or .py extension)


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Csabi Vidó
    Csabi Vidó 5 months

    I want to edit my rc.local file to start up a few server sessions each in it's own GNU screen. However, whenever I stop a server, the screen terminates.

    Currently I have:

    screen -dmS test ~/tmp/

    with this inside

    node ~/dev/mouser/app.js

    How do I get the screen to stay alive after the passed in command or script terminates?