How to fix "cannot be resolved to branch" on git push?


Solution 1

The common issue is case mistake. I got the same issue before. The better way to do it is to check what are the branch names:

$ git branch

you can compare the branch on above, then push it with the name you got.

$ git push origin Branch2


$ git push origin branch1

Solution 2

In addition to Kyle's answer,

In cases where you already have a branch name like "BugFix/item001" and pushed it to your repository, and then you created another branch with the name "Bugfix/item002", you will still get the same error even if you try to push the branch with the correct casing. I believe this is because of the "BugFix" folder being created already and future branches will use the same folder.

It is still a casing mistake but really misleading.

Solution 3

My branch name was feature/S212121_TestCase_review_Dashboard

When I try to push code to this branch feature/S212121_TestCase_review_Dashboard by using following command:

git push origin feature/S212121_TestCase_review_Dashboard
fatal: feature/S212121_TestCase_review_Dashboard cannot be resolved to branch

Then I have renamed the my branch using following command:

git branch -m TestCase_review_CWLA_Dashboard

After that I have used following command to push the code:

git push --set-upstream origin TestCase_review_CWLA_Dashboard

This works for me I am able to push the code to branch.

Solution 4

It might be because you are not in the latest master branch.

For this you could check with terminal commands on the master branch:

git pull  


git pull origin (master branch)

and checked your branch.

I created a new branch

git checkout -b newbranch 

and pushed to a new branch from the old branch that "has cannot be resolved" error using:

git push origin newbranch 

This worked for me.


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  • Matt Kuhns
    Matt Kuhns over 1 year

    When I do a git status, I get my branch:

    $ git status
    On branch OfflineLoading

    When I tried to git push, I get:

    $ git push origin OfflineLoading
    fatal: OfflineLoading cannot be resolved to branch.

    When I check the branches, it is not there:

    $ git branch

    How do I fix this?

    • Hime
      Hime over 7 years
      Did you create and changed your work to your new branch? This can be helpful:…
    • Pankaj Singhal
      Pankaj Singhal over 7 years
      I guess you might be doing some spelling mistake / case mistake. Ideally, it should make the remote branch if it doesn't exist or push to remote branch if it exists. Your command seems correct
    • Matt Kuhns
      Matt Kuhns over 7 years
      I checked the spelling and it is right. Do I need to set upstream?
    • Yuri G.
      Yuri G. over 7 years
      can you post the output of git show-ref | grep -i OfflineLoading
    • k0pernikus
      k0pernikus over 7 years
      Is the local branch tracking the upstream one?
    • torek
      torek over 7 years
      How did you create this branch OfflineLoading? Specifically, did you use git checkout --orphan? If so, that's the problem: orphan branches aren't actually created until you commit something into them. If not, something is seriously wrong on your computer / in your repository.
    • Jeff Puckett
      Jeff Puckett over 7 years
      Also please share what version of git, operating system, and if/what git GUI you're using.
    • Matt Kuhns
      Matt Kuhns over 7 years
      Thanks for all the responses. I just bit the bullet and saved off my repo and cloned again. Then I overlayed files with my saved directory. Not elegant, but did the trick.
    • shashikant kuswaha
      shashikant kuswaha over 2 years
      most of the time it changes the first letter with caps , you try by doing ``` git branch``` and search your branch and then checkout that branch and then do the git push
  • DawnSong
    DawnSong almost 4 years
    Correct answer. My solution is renaming the old branches to something else, then renaming them back. It's caused by "git case sensitivity" problem.
  • SwissNavy
    SwissNavy about 2 years
    exactly my case, the suggested workaround worked.
  • José Veliz
    José Veliz about 2 years
    This works for me thanks!
  • Admin
    Admin almost 2 years
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