How to link taxonomy terms to view page?


there's a default (disabled) view that links to "taxonomy/term/term_id". You should enable that view and make the necessary changes to suit your needs.

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Updated on June 05, 2022


  • perpetual_dream
    perpetual_dream 12 months

    I have enabled the taxonomy menu module and created a custom view from my vocabulary terms. However, the taxonomy menu terms are by default in the following structure [taxonomy_category]/[term-name] and link to the default taxonomy view.

    How can I override the default taxonomy term links to link to my view page?I want to link the taxonomy term to this view page : products/term_id . I have downloaded taxonomy display module but either I didn't know how to configure it correctly or it doesn't work....

    Anybody, who knows how can I change the links of the taxonomy terms?