How to make a bootable mac usb IN ubuntu


Solution 1

You will of course need a OS X Installer Image. To get this you can follow the instructions here

After you have got your installer media, you can use ubunut's built-in utility Startup Disk Creator to make a bootable USB. SO, open dash and search for Startup Disk Creator and open it. Follow the on-screen instructions or refer to this document from ubuntu.

Solution 2

Don't even think about using Ubuntu to fix OS X. Use the recovery partition which should be part of any modern installation of OS X, by booting and pressing CMD-R. You can then repair as needed - perhaps even install a fresh OS X on top of your existing installation which can fix most broken things.

See for details.

If everything goes completely wrong, restore from a Time Machine backup.

Solution 3

Try installing unetbootin

sudo apt-get install unetbootin

and using your mac iso, install it to your usb


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • sar
    sar 5 months

    I am trying to investigate some database users that used to exist in the system. I am interested when and who deleted the database user from the oracle database. Does oracle have any table or way to track deleted users?

    • Admin
      Admin over 7 years
      The firmware in newer Macs allows to boot standard UEFI bootable media, which are rather trivial to create and don't require special Ubuntu images.
    • Admin
      Admin about 7 years
      The standard USB-image will boot on a mac if prepared according to instructions.
    • thatjeffsmith
      thatjeffsmith over 2 years
      we provide a complete audit trail...assuming it's enabled
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