how to open a zipped folder shown as zip.xml file?


Open your external drive and you will see one folder named "SEERemovableStorageAcessUtility.exe" . Double click on the same folder. A new window will open and you can see the folder you want to download to your new PC. Right click on the same and you get an option to decrypt the same as your desired location. It will ask for the password which will be the password given at the time of encrypting the file.


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • user446778
    user446778 almost 2 years

    I zipped some folders using winzip on my old laptop and copied to an external drive. The folders contain all types of files including xls, doc, ppt, etc. Now I am trying to open the zipped folders in the external drive on my new laptop. All the zipped folders show as zip.xml files. How to open/extract them? I have tried renaming the files to zip files, and extracting with 7zip, but it does not work. Thank you!

    • kenorb
      kenorb about 9 years
      When you zipped folders, you should have .zip file as output which you should copy over, not .xml file. Basically you can't unzip from XML file.
    • snapshoe
      snapshoe about 9 years
      If 7zip can't open the files, even with the right extension, then they're not valid .zip files-- they weren't created correctly. They may be useless.
  • DavidPostill
    DavidPostill almost 9 years
    Welcome to Super User! While this may answer the question, it would be a better answer if you could provide some explanation why it does so.