How to update row and return id?


First what your using is not the ORM but the QueryBuilder.

You should assign the query result in a variable, process the update and then access the id.

$client = Client::where("unique_code", $this->unique_code)
  ->whereHas('types', function ($query) {
      $query->where("type", $this->type);

$client->update(["status" => 1]);
$client->id; // to get the id
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Updated on June 14, 2022


  • OPV
    OPV over 1 year

    I use this function ORM to update row in table:

    $client = Client::where("unique_code", $this->unique_code)->whereHas('types', function ($query) {
      $query->where("type", $this->type);
    })->update(["status" => 1]);

    How to return id of updated row?

  • Disfigure
    Disfigure about 6 years
    that means no record has been found in your database with your where clause
  • parker_codes
    parker_codes about 6 years
    You can prevent errors by checking if client is set before updating.
  • Alauddin Ahmed
    Alauddin Ahmed about 4 years
    This is not working if there is multiple records. Do have any way around to get the ids without using another query!