In a git hook is the current working directory guaranteed to be within the git repository?


Solution 1

It is based on the value set for environment variable GIT_DIR. It is set to the root of the repository when the hook starts running. Many hooks, especially those doing a pull from another repo, unset ( and reset) this environment variable as needed.

Solution 2

The current answers appear to be outdated. As of 2.9.0, the docs state the following:

Before Git invokes a hook, it changes its working directory to either the root of the working tree in a non-bare repository, or to the $GIT_DIR in a bare repository.

Solution 3

You can use the environment variable $GIT_DIR. $GIT_DIR points at the .git directory.

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Updated on June 15, 2022


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    Experimentally it seems that git hooks get run with the current directory set to be the root of the repository. However, I can't see any guarantee about that in the git documentation. Should I rely on the current working directory to locate the git repository, or is there a better way to work out the git repository associated with the hook?