Increase hydra brute force login attempts


(AFAIK) There is not an explicit "tries per second" config option in HYDRA, normally you can define the number of tasks that will be involved in the attack. I have checked the default option and it is 16 (in the command line utility), so I believe that the service you are trying to test against might have a big latency or some kind of delay before answering wrong attempts. Anyway you could try to tune it by increasing the number of tasks with the option "-t".

The latter is not an uncommon solution so you can expect that, also, you should consider that many services will temporary blacklist your IP if you try to log-in more than "n" times (being "n" an small number of tries like 5 or 10).

Here you have an Hydra manual for both command line and GUI utility.


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Updated on September 18, 2022


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    I have recently came to know about hydra and i am playing with it using brute force. The number of login attempts are almost 10 attempts / second, I am trying with my password, so if my password strength is 8 characters (just a-z,A-Z,0-9) it will take days. How can i optimize the login attempts or increase the number of attempts / sec. I have ci7 hp laptop.