Making F1-F12 keys the default on Dell Inspiron 1545


Solution 1

In many Dells there's a BIOS setting that will default Fn to on. There probably will be in the 1545.

Solution 2

On my Dell XPS 15, it seems to be as simple as me accidentally pressing the Fn Lock button behind the Escape key. If you have this problem, simply hit Fn+Esc and it should revert back to normal, without having to go into the BIOS

Solution 3

I found 2 solutions. The easiest:

Control Panel - Hardware and Sound - Adjust commonly used mobility settings - Fn Key Behavior

Solution 4

I Could able to reverse the function of Fn key on my Dell by following steps provided your laptop has ESC and Fn key with lock shape on it.

Press Fn Key + ESC (Fn) Key

The functionality automatically gets toggled.

Solution 5

Simple solution is: Simply press (Fn+Esc) and that should fix it.


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Updated on September 17, 2022


  • user1518003
    user1518003 5 months

    I've been given a laptop at work, a Dell Inspiron 1545, which I find pretty good, except for the F1-F12 keys.

    Being a programmer and a poweruser of several programs, I need to use them a lot, and here they are inverted, you need to press the Fn key to get access to them, and you get the volume up/down, brightness. wireless on/off stuff without pressing the Fn. Is there any way (or hack) to make them the other way around?? F1-F12 just by pressing the key, and the extra functions using Fn?

    Its driving me crazy! Specially turning off the wireless when I want to rename stuff!


    • Factor Mystic
      Factor Mystic over 12 years
      Similar question for the Studio 1555:…
    • larus
      larus over 11 years
      I didn't manage to actually do it, but shutting down the wireless in the middle of a download because I wanted to rename a file was my top fear until just now. Thanks for asking this.
  • larus
    larus over 11 years
    Thanks! This worked on my Inspiron too, and it's much simpler than mucking with the bios.
  • ripper234
    ripper234 over 11 years
    For some reason I'm not seeing the "Fn Key Behavior" settings on my Lenovo Edge (Windows 7 64 bit).
  • BlueBerry - Vignesh4303
    BlueBerry - Vignesh4303 over 9 years
    could u elaborate how to navigate to windows mobility center
  • Onur
    Onur over 7 years
    @BlueBerry-vignesh4303 Control Panel - Windows Mobility Center
  • Erik Bergstedt
    Erik Bergstedt almost 7 years
    Yes, my keyboard has an icon there that looks like a keypad with the text FN on it. So this works.
  • Vylix
    Vylix over 5 years
    Does using Fn + Esc inverts the function buttons back?