nodemon not working properly


Solution 1

You're running express 4, which has the app.listen call in a different file than app.js. The command you're looking for is nodemon bin/www (localhost and 3000 are not needed in this scenario).

In fact, you can even run nodemon with no args, and it'll read what command needs to be run from scripts.start in package.json (which express generates automatically).

Solution 2

Here's what I did to make nodemon update correctly:

nodemon index.js -L

The -L flag stands for legacyWatch, here's an explanation from the official doc:

In some networked environments (such as a container running nodemon reading across a mounted drive), you will need to use the legacyWatch: true which enables Chokidar's polling.

Solution 3

In my case, I had to install nodemon globally. Use this command to do so..

npm install -g nodemon

If you're using Linux you may need to prefix the command with the sudo keyword for administration access..

sudo npm install -g nodemon

Solution 4

try running nodemon ./app.js 3000 or nodemon start 3000

Solution 5

Add following code in your code

  1. app.js

    app.listen(3000, function(){
        console.log("info",'Server is running at port : ' + 3000);
  2. package.json

    nodemon app.js 

Then run npm start from the command line.

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Updated on January 16, 2022


  • bruceparker
    bruceparker almost 2 years

    I am running my nodejs app by npm start

    I just installed nodemon by sudo npm install -g nodemon so that i can get my server restarted when i save changes to files.

    But when i try to start the server, something like this

    nodemon ./app.js localhost 3000 or nodemon start localhost 3000

    I get this as output

    LM-SJC-00871929:webapp gdeep$ nodemon ./app.js localhost 3000
    28 May 23:34:30 - [nodemon] v1.1.1
    28 May 23:34:30 - [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter `rs`
    28 May 23:34:30 - [nodemon] watching: *.*
    28 May 23:34:30 - [nodemon] starting `node ./app.js localhost 3000`

    but when i go to my webpage, i get

    Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to localhost:3000. What am i doing wrong?

    App.js here