Reusing model fitted by cross_val_score in sklearn using joblib


Solution 1

The real reason your model is not fitted is that the function cross_val_score first copies your model before fitting the copy : Source link

So your original model has not been fitted.

Solution 2

It's not quite correct that cross-validation has to fit your model; rather a k-fold cross validation fits your model k times on partial data sets. If you want the model itself, you actually need to fit the model again on the whole dataset; this actually isn't part of the cross-validation process. So it actually wouldn't be redundant to call, labels)

to fit your model after your cross validation.

Another approcach would be rather than using the specialized function cross_val_score, you could think of this as a special case of a cross-validated grid search (with a single point in the parameter space). In this case GridSearchCV will by default refit the model over the entire dataset (it has a parameter refit=True), and also has predict and predict_proba methods in its API.


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Updated on April 11, 2020


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    user over 3 years

    I created the following function in python:

    def cross_validate(algorithms, data, labels, cv=4, n_jobs=-1):
        print "Cross validation using: "
        for alg, predictors in algorithms:
            print alg
            # Compute the accuracy score for all the cross validation folds. 
            scores = cross_val_score(alg, data, labels, cv=cv, n_jobs=n_jobs)
            # Take the mean of the scores (because we have one for each fold)
            print scores
            print("Cross validation mean score = " + str(scores.mean()))
            name = re.split('\(', str(alg))
            filename = str('%0.5f' %scores.mean()) + "_" + name[0] + ".pkl"
            # We might use this another time 
            joblib.dump(alg, filename, compress=1, cache_size=1e9)  
                move(filename, "pkl")

    I thought that in order to do cross validation, sklearn had to fit your function.

    However, when I try to use it later (f is the pkl file I saved above in joblib.dump(alg, filename, compress=1, cache_size=1e9)):

    alg = joblib.load(f)  
    predictions = alg.predict_proba(train_data[predictors]).astype(float)

    I get no error in the first line (so it looks like the load is working), but then it tells me NotFittedError: Estimator not fitted, callfitbefore exploiting the model. on the following line.

    What am I doing wrong? Can't I reuse the model fitted to calculate the cross-validation? I looked at Keep the fitted parameters when using a cross_val_score in scikits learn but either I don't understand the answer, or it is not what I am looking for. What I want is to save the whole model with joblib so that I can the use it later without re-fitting.

  • Jacquot
    Jacquot over 5 years
    that is just not true. Of course cross-validation has to fit your model, whether it is on partial data sets or on the whole, doesn't make a difference regarding the 'fitted' character of the model