Rewrite rule generator?


Solution 1

Even more such questions could be solved with a link to the manual.

If we provide only a link to a generator, the answer has no educational value, and will result only in more trivial questions asked. I'd recommend reading answers to this question form meta, which contains some relevant discussion.

That said, a quick google search has returned some useful results:

Solution 2

A cheap google search has two that exist.

I've tried three so far. I like this one the most so far:

Also, if you need a tool to test these results:

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Updated on January 31, 2021


  • Pekka
    Pekka over 2 years

    Anybody know an online tool to generate Apache mod_rewrite rules to point people with simple .htaccess questions to?

    I'm thinking of simple standard scenarios:

    • Simple redirects (url1=>url2)

    • Removing / adding www.

    • /a/b/c/d to index.php?value1=a&value2=b...

    and so on and so on....

    I'm asking because most mod_rewrite questions turning up on SO could be answered with a link to that, and help people help themselves (well, help as far as "help" goes with a generator tool that can be used without actually having to learn how things work.)