Run a script after I unlock my Windows session?


Scheduled Tasks is what you need. You can set a trigger for both workstation lock and workstation unlock. If you need to deploy it out to more machines, use SCHTASKS.EXE (provided with windows).

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Updated on September 17, 2022


  • hfarazm
    hfarazm 3 months

    JavaScript Problem. i need to apply condition if number is a NUMBER or STRING or BOOLEAN. I am able to check its type but cant apply condition. why?

    var g = 5e-2;
    alert(typeof g);
    if(g === number) //not working
    if(g == number) //also not working
    alert("yeah it worked");

    both if are for reference NOT nested

  • BoxerBucks
    BoxerBucks over 12 years
    Cool. I didn't even know that was an option in Windows 7. It used to be you had to write a winlogon notification app and register it with the system to be triggered on shell change between the desktop and the lock screen.
  • John Gardeniers
    John Gardeniers over 12 years
    +1 - For someone just getting ready to roll out Win 7 that's real handy to know.
  • hfarazm
    hfarazm almost 10 years
    i wasnt using (typeof g === "number") instead i was using g === number
  • phuclv
    phuclv almost 7 years
    but task scheduler can run tasks every computer unlock