Simple nodemon.json config to watch all except for certain files


I had the same issue earlier, it seems the nodemon.json doesn't do the thing, so try to do it in an inline commnad :

nodemon --ignore '.git'

(you can put this as a npm script as well)

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Updated on December 01, 2022


  • basickarl
    basickarl 22 days


      "verbose": true,
      "ignore": [
      "watch": [

    I'd like for nodemon to watch every file in every directory except for those which I specifically set to ignore.

    The above config isn't doing it:

    [nodemon] files triggering change check: src/template.marko
    [nodemon] matched rule: **/src/**/*
    [nodemon] changes after filters (before/after): 1/0

    It doesn't restart.

  • basickarl
    basickarl almost 6 years
    I actually use browser-refresh in development (it's great, also can't wait for v4 of marko). I actually got used to how browser-refresh works so I wanted to reflect the behavior in nodemon (as another project relies on it)!
  • basickarl
    basickarl almost 6 years
    Also I have a question regarding browser-refresh. Is it possible to reuse the same tab when using process.send({ event:'online', url:'http://localhost:8080/' });, server restarts always popup a new window?