Tutorial for android application with PHONEGAP


Try this below two Tutorials

  1. http://docs.phonegap.com
  2. http://hiediutley.com/?s=PhoneGap%20Tutorial%20Series
  3. How to install/run PhoneGap on Ubuntu, Step by step guide
Sourabh Saldi
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Sourabh Saldi

Updated on March 06, 2020


  • Sourabh Saldi
    Sourabh Saldi over 3 years

    I tried several question from this forum but could not get a "GOOD" tutorial for this can anyone give me link to some good tutorial for getting started with phonegap

    Can I get some android sample phonegap project to start learning phonegap

    pls provide links here

  • pengibot
    pengibot over 10 years
    plus there are plenty of books out there which will teach you the subject. Best way to learn it however is just experiment :D
  • Sourabh Saldi
    Sourabh Saldi over 10 years
    @palani Kumar can I get some working project for android in phonegap where I can learn how things go in PHonegap
  • Palani Kumar
    Palani Kumar over 10 years
    Try this coenraets.org/apps/directory/EmployeeDirectoryLocal.zip And You can find lot of Phonegap pulgins here =>github.com/phonegap/phonegap-plugins
  • Connor Leech
    Connor Leech about 9 years