Ubuntu 14.04 Bluetooth Magic Mouse doesn't pair (No agent available)


Problem was I didn't have an agent registered. Normally UI should do it. A quick solution is to run:


Do not background the process with the ampersand (&). The program will output Agent registered. Then, try to pair it again using the Bluetooth settings in system settings.

After you begin adding the mouse, you will be prompted for the PIN on the terminal. The PIN for the Apple Magic Mouse is 0000; type this in and press Enter. Your mouse should successfully pair back in the Bluetooth settings window.

After it has successfully paired, you can close the terminal window and end the bluez-simple-agent process without affecting your mouse's connectivity. Thanks to Szymon Janc.


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Rafael Xavier
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Rafael Xavier

Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Rafael Xavier
    Rafael Xavier 11 months

    Mouse gets discovered. Although, it doesn't pair.


    Apr 23 10:05:15 xavier bluetoothd[9873]: No agent available for request type 0
    Apr 23 10:05:15 xavier bluetoothd[9873]: btd_event_request_pin: Operation not permitted
    Apr 23 10:05:15 xavier bluetoothd[9873]: Connection refused (111)

    It's worth saying that:

    • Keyboard has paired and it's working just fine though;
    • Mouse used to work just fine in Ubuntu 12.04, and 13, and it works when I reboot on Mac;

    This is the hci device.

    $ hcitool dev
      hci0 E0:F8:47:3A:3F:47

    How to get it working?

    • Admin
      Admin about 9 years
      did you report this as a bug? I got the same issue and this solved it and using pin 0000
    • Admin
      Admin about 9 years
      Thanks for converting that question?! Anyhow, I reported this as a bug here, please do this next time to improve things for everyone :) : bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/bluez/+bug/1328260 If you are affected, please mark yourself as affected to help fix this bug. Thank you!
  • bleeves
    bleeves about 9 years
    This worked for me after hours of messing around with bluetooth managers. Thanks.
  • Jacksonkr
    Jacksonkr over 7 years
    Sad day: dbus.exceptions.DBusException: org.bluez.Error.NoSuchAdapter: No such adapter