Unable to add App ID because the '10' App ID limit in '7' days has been exceeded


Easiest workaround I've found: find a bundle id that you already used.

Just create new projects with whatever name you want, and then change the bundle id to be the same in each project.

This works fine if you don't actually need to have multiple apps side by side on your phone, but you need to create lots of apps to test different scenarios.

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Updated on July 13, 2020


  • bdn
    bdn over 3 years

    I'm getting this weird error when I try to hit this button to fix this error for the app I just made. I am trying to run the app on my connected iPhone when I get this error:
    enter image description here
    When I hit Fix Issue I then get this error: enter image description here
    What does this mean, and how can I start testing apps on my phone again?

  • Charles Cavanaugh
    Charles Cavanaugh over 7 years
    I noticed that your solution does indeed work. It warns me, though, that it might be expiring "soon" (doesn't say when). I hate that ambiguity. Also I like to start with a clean project each time. I've been a professional in computer science for 16 years, and I don't need Apple telling me how I should learn something new, or rushing me into starting my paid account, which up till now I thought would only be required to distribute apps on the store. Limiting what I do with my own phone on my own computer is overstepping.
  • GoodSp33d
    GoodSp33d over 7 years
    @CharlesCavanaugh True, atleast now I can use my apple id to sign apps, earlier even this was not possible. But I bumped into this issue today, and I dont even have an option to delete App ID on developer portal. Bummer !
  • hyperknot
    hyperknot almost 6 years
    It took me a while to figure out what are the ID's I've already used. Wrote an answer for that here: stackoverflow.com/a/47763510/518169