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Running from a web browser

The VNC servers also contain a small web server. If you connect to this with a web browser, you can download the Java version of the viewer, and use this to view the server. You can then see your desktop from any Java-capable browser, unless you are using a proxy to connect to the web. The server listens for HTTP connections on port 5800+display number. So to view display 2 on machine ADDRESS, you would point your web browser at:


The applet will prompt you for your password, and should then display the desktop.

Running as an application

You can run the viewer outside a browser using, for example:

java -jar vncviewer ADDRESS:2

The precise command line will depend on your particular Java installation.


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Amanda
    Amanda 5 months

    I want to be able to connect VNC Viewer with Firefox using the IP number and the password from the computer that I want to see the desktop!

    The problems is: I just can't. What do I have to install, besides Java to be able to connect using Firefox? I alredy have de VNCViewer installed with Wine but I wanted to use de FileTransfer opition that is only available when you acess it using the web VNC.

    • Takkat
      Takkat almost 10 years
      Any reason to not use a native Ubuntu VNC viewer?
  • Amanda
    Amanda almost 10 years
    Thanks for the reply! I have tried to type de http:// at my wed browser but it is unable to connect. The reason is because the server of the IP machine i trying to see is taking to long to reply. But when I open the VNC Viewer using the wine application it works fine... I already have Java7 installed! thanks
  • Hojat Taheri
    Hojat Taheri almost 10 years
    what is your vnc server?
  • KERR
    KERR about 2 years
    Dead link now...