Which hybrid apps does Huawei Mobile Services support?


Solution 1

Huawei has provided some HMS Core kit plugins for React Native, Cordova and Xamarin. HMS Core 4.0.4 has been released to support Flutter In June 2020. Reference documents: https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/doc/overview/HMS-Core-Plugin


The HMS Core 5.0.0 version is launched, and the number of Kits supported by third-party platform plug-ins has been increased. The specific support status is as follows:

*Apache Cordova

Account Kit plugins for Cordova

Ads Kit plugins for Cordova

Analytics Kit plugin for Cordova

AR Engine plugin for Cordova

Awareness Kit plugin for Cordova

Contact Shield plugin for Cordova

Dynamic Tag Manager plugin for Cordova

Health Kit plugin for Cordova

Huawei Availability plugin for Cordova

In-App Purchases Kit plugin for Cordova

Location Kit plugin for Cordova

Map Kit plugins for Cordova

ML Kit plugins for Cordova

Nearby Service plugins for Cordova

Push Kit plugin for Cordova

Safety Detect plugin for Cordova

Scan Kit plugin for Cordova

Site Kit plugins for Cordova

*React Native

Account Kit plugins for React Native

Ads Kit plugins for React Native

Analytics Kit plugin for React Native

AR Engine plugin for React Native

Awareness Kit plugin for React Native

Contact Shield plugin for React Native

Dynamic Tag Manager plugin for React Native

Health Kit plugin for React Native

HMS Availability plugin for React Native

In-App Purchases Kit plugin for React Native

Location Kit plugin for React Native

Map Kit plugin for React Native

ML Kit plugins for React Native

Native Nearby plugins for React Native

Push Kit plugin for React Native

Safety Detect plugin for React Native

Scan Kit plugins for React Native

Site Kit plugins for React Native


Account Kit plugins for Xamarin

Ads Kit plugins for Xamarin

Analytics Kit plugins for Xamarin

AR Engine plugins for Xamarin

Awareness Kit plugins for Xamarin

Contact Shield plugins for Xamarin

Drive Kit plugins for Xamarin

Dynamic Tag Manager plugins for Xamarin

FIDO plugins for Xamarin

Health Kit plugins for Xamarin

In-App Purchases plugins for Xamarin

Map Kit plugins for Xamarin

ML Kit plugins for Xamarin

Location Kit plugins for Xamarin

Nearby Service plugins for Xamarin

Push Kit plugins for Xamarin

Safety Detect plugins for Xamarin

Scan Kit plugins for Xamarin

Site Kit plugins for Xamarin

Wallet Kit plugins for Xamarin


Account Kit plugins for Flutter

Ads Kit plugins for Flutter

Analytics Kit plugins for Flutter

AR Engine plugins for Flutter

Awareness Kit plugins for Flutter

Contact Shield plugins for Flutter

Drive Kit plugins for Flutter

Dynamic Tag Manager plugins for Flutter

FIDO plugins for Flutter

Game Service plugins for Flutter

Health Kit plugins for Flutter

HMS Availability plugins for Flutter

In-App Purchases Kit plugin for Flutter

Location Kit plugins for Flutter

Map Kit plugins for Flutter

ML Kit plugins for Flutter

Nearby Service plugins for Flutter

Push Kit plugins for Flutter

Safety Detect plugins for Flutter

Scan Kit plugins for Flutter

Site Kit plugins for Flutter

Wallet Kit plugins for Flutter

For more details,check Docs.

Solution 2

referring to developer web site of HMS, they are now officially supporting Location, Push, Analytics and In-App Purchase; Map and Ads are on the way


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Updated on December 16, 2022


  • Daniel Danielecki
    Daniel Danielecki 6 months

    Is anyone aware if there exists/are plans to enable deployment for JavaScript/hybrid apps on Huawei Mobile Services (HMS)? Similarly as we can do it using Cordova/Capacitor with Ionic/NativeScript/React Native and upload on Android/iOS.

    So far I've been checking https://developer.huawei.com/consumer/en/community/codelabs and it looks currently only Java is supported without any extra information about hybrid mobile apps. Does anyone has experience with HMS already?

  • Daniel Danielecki
    Daniel Danielecki about 3 years
    The HMS' docs seems to be providing the best developer experience in contrast to Apple & Google, I'm so impressed how fast they pace. I'm gonna to re(accept) the answer, because this one is more in detail.
  • Daniel Danielecki
    Daniel Danielecki about 2 years
    Update: unbelievable they were able to do so in such a quick time!
  • shirley
    shirley about 2 years
    Yes,and please feel free to contact me if you need any further help. :)