Flutter Dev Tools - show request payload


If you are using Dio for requests then you can use pretty_dio_logger to log requests. It provides very helpful logs including request payload that you require.

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Updated on December 28, 2022


  • user1209216
    user1209216 5 months

    With Flutter Dev Tools on Android I can see:

    • request headers
    • response
    • response headers
    • cookies

    How can I show request payload for POST requests?

  • user1209216
    user1209216 about 2 years
    That library is dead and abandoned for long time. It even does not compile with latest Flutter version. Second, recent Chrome update breaks Stetho support, you can't see anything anymore
  • Thierry P. Oliveira
    Thierry P. Oliveira about 2 years
    I'm sorry about that, I used a few months ago and i didn't know it was abandoned
  • user1209216
    user1209216 almost 2 years
    Yep, dio interceptor is the only rescue in this case. I use something similar to log network traffic