How to check if scrollbar is at the bottom

Solution 1

This is working well for my chat window. It also detects if the content isn't long enough to be scrolled.

function atBottom(ele) {
    var sh = ele.scrollHeight;
    var st = ele.scrollTop;
    var ht = ele.offsetHeight;
    if(ht==0) {
        return true;
    if(st == sh - ht)
        {return true;} 
        {return false;}

Solution 2

You find the height of the scrolling container, then compare that to the scroll position. If they are the same, then you have reached the bottom.

<div style="overflow: auto; height: 500px">

      var div = $(this);
      if (div.height() == div.scrollTop() + 1) //scrollTop is 0 based
          alert('Reached the bottom!");

Edit: a little testing in a js fiddle and I realized the previous version is incorrect. You can use a DOM property to find out how much scrolling there is a perform a little math with the height of the element like so

      var div = $(this);
      if (div[0].scrollHeight - div.scrollTop() == div.height())
          alert('Reached the bottom!');

Solution 3

This worked for me (using jQuery):

    //scrollTop refers to the top of the scroll position, which will be scrollHeight - offsetHeight
    if(this.scrollTop == (this.scrollHeight - this.offsetHeight)) {
      console.log("Top of the bottom reached!");

Taken from here.

Solution 4

You can check if the element scrollTop is equal to the element innerHeight.

if($('div').scrollTop() == $('div').innerHeight()){
    //Reached the bottom
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