How update vim to 8.0 version in OSX?


Solution 1

You may have compiled vim, but the vim that's first in your path is still the system vim. You can show that using:

$ which vim

You can either call your compiled vim directly (probably in a folder called dist or bin), or put it in a place that is before /usr/bin in your $PATH variable. The easiest way to get an up-to-date vim on OS X is to use Homebrew:

$ brew install vim --with-override-system-vi

Solution 2


brew install vim --override-system-vim

didn't work for me either.

Upgrade Homebrew to latest version and then use

brew upgrade vim

Solution 3

vim --version

$ brew install vim --with-override-system-vi

Sounds dumb but most importantly close the terminal and then reopen it to see the new version of vim $ vim --version.

Solution 4

You are missing the final step for installing from source after running make:

sudo make install

That should install it to your path.

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Updated on July 09, 2022


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