jQuery UI 1.8.13 sudden error


Solution 1

This javascript error is caused by jQuery and jQueryUI being out of sync with each other. Rather than go back to an older version of jQuery, I would update jQuery UI. This link from the jQueryUI blog talks about support for the latest version jQuery. I experienced the same error before updating jQuery UI.

Solution 2

Base on another answer... I did something slightly different...

Instead of replacing:

$.curCSS(element, attrib, val);


$(element).css(attrib, val);

I created a new function:

$.curCSS = function (element, attrib, val) {
    $(element).css(attrib, val);

Solution 3

$.curCSS: This method is simply an alias for jQuery.css() from jQuery 1.3 onward. Although it has never been part of the documented API, some external code has been known to use it, perhaps thinking it was “more efficient.” Now it’s “more gone.” - from the page here.

This error can occur by using curCSS also.


$.curCSS(element, attrib, val);


$(element).css(attrib, val);

Solution 4

I had same problemm. Search for a link like this in your project:


and change it with this:


It worked for me.

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Updated on May 17, 2020


  • user837306
    user837306 about 3 years

    We have been using Jquery from this link http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jqueryui/1.8.13/jquery-ui.min.js for drag and drop. Suddenly we notice it is not working now and there is no code change done our side. We notice the error is pointing to these line and error is TypeError: a.curCSS is not a function? What will be solution to this problem?

    e&&e.call(i)},g)}):this._focus.apply(this,arguments)},scrollParent:function(){var g;g=a.browser.msie&&/(static|relative)/.test(this.css("position"))||/absolute/.test(this.css("position"))?this.parents().filter
  • Azri Jamil
    Azri Jamil over 10 years
    That in explanation by loading the exact version rater than using latest version.
  • Sorangwala Abbasali
    Sorangwala Abbasali over 6 years
    Appreciating for posting this answer. The simplest and accurate to solve my problem without changing my code.