play next or previous video in android


Solution 1

You can save the videos by their id or name or something in parameters. And at onClick start pass these parameters to the player.

Solution 2

Create List of video urls. On Pressing next get url of next position and load video and reverse for previous.

indraja machani
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indraja machani

Updated on November 23, 2022


  • indraja machani
    indraja machani about 1 hour

    How to play next or previous videos on click of next and previous buttons? How to implement the functionality? I am showing the gridview of videos from mediastore.I am able to launch them but I want to play the next or previous videos on click of next or prev buttons.I am able to click on the buttons and I am getting prints also.But I am not getting How to implement the functionality. Can anyone please help me.Thanks in advance.

    • Madhusudhan
      Madhusudhan over 10 years
      No you can not. Because most of the 32 bit apps will not work in 64bit, need to install all lib (removing 32bit lib) for 64bit. So it's similar to install a new system :)
    • RobotHumans
      RobotHumans over 10 years
      If someone has an answer addressing 12.04 in a more specific way (read as it just works) than was already stated in the other question, please add it as a new answer specific to 12.04. My close vote is based on the fact that we should have one question on the topic with diverse and good answers.
    • Eliah Kagan
      Eliah Kagan over 10 years
  • indraja machani
    indraja machani over 9 years
    can please give me a pseudo code to create list of video urls
  • Piyush
    Piyush over 9 years
    @indraja : are you loading video from sdcard or web-service?
  • indraja machani
    indraja machani over 9 years
    thanks alot I got the list of video ids and through that I got the list of video paths.