PySpark: Add a new column with a tuple created from columns


Solution 1

I'm coming from scala but I do believe that there's a similar way in python :

Using sql.functions package mehtod :

If you want to get a StructType with this three column use the struct(cols: Column*): Column method like this :

from pyspark.sql.functions import struct

but if you want to get it as a String you can use the concat(exprs: Column*): Column method like this :

from pyspark.sql.functions import concat

With this second method you may have to cast the columns into Strings

I'm not sure about the python syntax, Just edit the answer if there's a syntax error.

Hope this help you. Best Regards

Solution 2

Use struct:

from pyspark.sql.functions import struct

df.withColumn("V_tuple", struct(df.V1,df.V2,df.V3))
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  • Yuehan Lyu
    Yuehan Lyu 4 months

    Here I have a dateframe created as follow,

    df = spark.createDataFrame([('a',5,'R','X'),('b',7,'G','S'),('c',8,'G','S')], 

    It looks like

    | Id| V1| V2| V3|
    |  a|  5|  R|  X|
    |  b|  7|  G|  S|
    |  c|  8|  G|  S|

    I'm looking to add a column that is a tuple consisting of V1,V2,V3.

    The result should look like

    | Id| V1| V2| V3|V_tuple|
    |  a|  5|  R|  X|(5,R,X)|
    |  b|  7|  G|  S|(7,G,S)|
    |  c|  8|  G|  S|(8,G,S)|

    I've tried to use similar syntex as in Python but it didn't work:


    TypeError: zip argument #1 must support iteration.

    Any help would be appreciated!