Unpack a war file to a destination folder


Jar file is zip file. You can extract it with zip.


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Brady Zhu
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Brady Zhu

JAVA EE Developer

Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Brady Zhu
    Brady Zhu 5 days

    I know how to simply unzip a zip file to destination folder, just type the following command line in terminal:

    unzip file.zip -d /folder/destination

    Obviously -d option points out the destination folder, but I doesn't work for jar command line. Command line 'jar -vxf file.war' will extract file.war to the current folder, but command line 'jar -vxf file.war -d /folder/destination' does nothing, which means there is nothing generated under folder destination.

    Is it possible to set the destination folder for jar command line.

  • Brady Zhu
    Brady Zhu about 9 years
    I tried and it solved my problem. Thanks for inspiring me.