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Solution 1

even I am quite new to designing because m a developer but ADOBE fireworks is the tool thet lets you convert jpg/jpeg in respective html/css Although it will not convert the whole for you but it'll convert atleast 60% of the layout to html/css.

more tutorials can be found Here

excuse me if i was wrong anywhere

Solution 2

Well, I had stumbled upon this a long time ago.

Try img2html. It seems to do what you want. is another one, but the sample 'hand-holding-beer' file looks better when converted using img2html :)

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Updated on June 04, 2022


  • saarthak
    saarthak over 1 year

    I am quite new to web development so I wanted to ask people here if there exists any software which can convert JPG/PSD to its respective HTML/CSS equivalent?

    I am not looking to embed the image in the HTML but want HTML/CSS source which will be equivalent of that JPG from which it is converted.