How do I generate (and label) a random integer with python 3.2?


Solution 1

Use random.randrange or random.randint (Note the links are to the Python 3k docs).

In [67]: import random
In [69]: random.randrange(1,10)
Out[69]: 8

Solution 2

You can use random module:

import random

# Random integer >= 5 and < 10
random.randrange(5, 10)
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Updated on July 17, 2022


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    Okay, so I'm admittedly a newbie to programming, but I can't determine how to get python v3.2 to generate a random positive integer between parameters I've given it. Just so you can understand the context, I'm trying to create a guessing-game where the user inputs parameters (say 1 to 50), and the computer generates a random number between the given numbers. The user would then have to guess the value that the computer has chosen. I've searched long and hard, but all of the solutions I can find only tell one how to get earlier versions of python to generate a random integer. As near as I can tell, v.3.2 changed how to generate and label a random integer. Anyone know how to do this?