Increase maximum POST size for Amazon API Gateway


There is currently no way to increase this limit.

Additionally, API Gateway is not currently optimized to support binary transfer to S3. This is a request we have heard from other customers and we may add support for this in the future.

Update 2017-02-19: While there is still no way to increase payload size limits, API Gateway does now support binary data.


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Updated on September 14, 2022


  • Senin
    Senin 3 months

    I intend to use AWS API Gateway & Lambda to perform a file upload to S3, via POST from a HTML form. However, the API Gateway endpoint will fail if the file is big enough, with message [HTTP content length exceeded 10485760 bytes.].

    Do you happen to know any way to increase this limit?

    It is the same irrespective if the API method hides a Lambda function or is simply a mock method.

  • Adrian Ivan
    Adrian Ivan over 6 years
    any changes since you posted the answer on fronting S3 with API Gateway?
  • Bob Kinney
    Bob Kinney over 6 years
    @AdrianIvan Unfortunately no change on this.
  • Mojimi
    Mojimi over 3 years
    You can use websockets from api gateway and stream data, alternatively generate a presigned url from s3 and upload using it.
  • Mojimi
    Mojimi over 3 years
    You can generate a presigned s3 url to upload it. And use lambda with S3 events to execute something based on the file