PySpark - Convert to JSON row by row


Solution 1

You cannot use select like this. Use foreach / foreachPartition:

import json

def send(part):
    kafkaClient = ...
    for r in part:

If you need diagnostic information just use Accumulator.

In current releases I would use Kafka source directly (2.0 and later):

from pyspark.sql.functions import to_json, struct

([df[x] for x in df.columns])).alias("value"))
    .option("kafka.bootstrap.servers", bootstrap_servers)
    .option("topic", topic)

You'll need Kafka SQL package for example:

--packages org.apache.spark:spark-sql-kafka-0-10_2.11:2.2.1

Solution 2

Here is an approach that should work for you.

Collect the column names (keys) and the column values into lists (values) for each row. Then rearrange these into a list of key-value-pair tuples to pass into the dict constructor. Finally, convert the dict to a string using json.dumps().

Collect Keys and Values into Lists

Collect the column names and the values into a single list, but interleave the keys and values.

import pyspark.sql.functions as f

def kvp(cols, *args):
    a = cols
    b = map(str, args)
    c = a + b
    c[::2] = a
    c[1::2] = b
    return c

kvp_udf = lambda cols: f.udf(lambda *args: kvp(cols, *args), ArrayType(StringType()))
df.withColumn('kvp', kvp_udf(df.columns)(*df.columns)).show()
#|Col1|Col2|               kvp|
#|   A|   1|[Col1, A, Col2, 1]|
#|   B|   2|[Col1, B, Col2, 2]|
#|   D|   3|[Col1, D, Col2, 3]|

Pass the Key-Value-Pair column into dict constructor

Use json.dumps() to convert the dict into JSON string.

import json
df.withColumn('kvp', kvp_udf(df.columns)(*df.columns))\
        f.udf(lambda x: json.dumps(dict(zip(x[::2],x[1::2]))), StringType())(f.col('kvp'))\
#|json                      |
#|{"Col2": "1", "Col1": "A"}|
#|{"Col2": "2", "Col1": "B"}|
#|{"Col2": "3", "Col1": "D"}|

Note: Unfortunately, this will convert all datatypes to strings.

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Updated on June 11, 2022


  • Bryce Ramgovind
    Bryce Ramgovind 4 months

    I have a very large pyspark data frame. I need to convert the dataframe into a JSON formatted string for each row then publish the string to a Kafka topic. I originally used the following code.

    for message in df.toJSON().collect():

    However the dataframe is very large so it fails when trying to collect().

    I was thinking of using a UDF since it processes it row by row.

    from pyspark.sql.functions import udf, struct
    def get_row(row):
        json = row.toJSON()
        return "Sent"
    send_row_udf = F.udf(get_row, StringType())
    df_json = df.withColumn("Sent", get_row(struct([df[x] for x in df.columns])))"Sent").show()

    But I am getting an error because the column is inputed to the function and not the row.

    For illustrative purposes, we can use the df below where we can assume Col1 and Col2 must be send over.

    df= spark.createDataFrame([("A", 1), ("B", 2), ("D", 3)],["Col1", "Col2"])

    The JSON string for each row: