Run Laravel 5 seeder programmatically instead of from CLI


Solution 1

You can use the following method:


To get the output of the last run command, you can use:


Solution 2

You can also call directly the Seeder class if needed. Just make sure you did a composer dump-autoload if you created your seeder manually.

From there code is very straightforward :

$seeder = new YourSeederClass();

Solution 3

You can add parameters to the seeder on run


  $newSchool = School::create($data);

     $schoolMeals = new \MealSeeder();

//school meal

 public function run($school = 1)

        $time = Carbon::now();

            'school_id' => $school,
            'name' => 'Breakfast',
            'slug' => 'breakfast',
            'description' => 'Test Meal',
            'start_time' => $time->toTimeString(),
            'end_time' => $time->addMinutes(60)->toTimeString(),
            'school_id' => $school,
            'name' => 'Lunch',
            'slug' => 'lunch',
            'description' => 'Test Meal',
            'start_time' => $time->toTimeString(),
            'end_time' => $time->addMinutes(60)->toTimeString(),
            'school_id' => $school,
            'name' => 'Supper',
            'slug' => 'supper',
            'description' => 'Test Meal',
            'start_time' => $time->toTimeString(),
            'end_time' => $time->addMinutes(60)->toTimeString(),

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Updated on September 14, 2022


  • geoffs3310
    geoffs3310 3 months

    Is there a way to run the Laravel 5 seeder from within PHP rather than from the command line. The hosting I am using doesn't allow me to use the command line. Just to confirm I want to do the equivalent of this but in my app code:

    php artisan db:seed
  • Kirkland
    Kirkland over 7 years
    Related: How do you call this for a specific class? For example, if you want to call the equivalent of php artisan db:seed --class=User? I see that you pass an array to the Artisan::call() function, but I get an invalid argument exception when I use Artisan::call('db:seed', ['class'=>'Users']) saying "The 'class' argument does not exist."
  • Cameron
    Cameron over 6 years
    Artisan::call('command:name', array('argument' => 'foo', '--option' => 'bar')); See
  • Thomas
    Thomas about 5 years
    The answer below is a much better option
  • alvaropgl
    alvaropgl about 3 years
    Caution if using Seeder::command() or Seeder:container(). Its its not initilized on constructor call. I have used instead from my seeder to call another seeder the method Seeder::resolve($className) as it setups $container and $command instances
  • Sven
    Sven almost 3 years
    @Kirkland, If you want to run specific seeder Class, try Artisan::call('db:seed', ['--class' => 'YourSeederClass']);
  • PhillipMcCubbin
    PhillipMcCubbin over 1 year
    To do it in 1 line: (new MySeeder)->run();