samsung laptop Battery Issue wont fully charge


Solution 1

Charging battery in fully cause battery life reduced, for this reason all laptops have software which lets you to determine how much battery charged.

In my VAIO laptop I change it to 80% like below picture:

enter image description here

And you must have this option in Samsung software on your laptop. I guess this options in samsung is in:

Start > All programs > Samsung > Battery Life Extender > Battery Life Extender

Solution 2

The system has Battery Life Extender installed in it. By disabling that you can charge to 100%. For doing that goto

Start > All Programs > Samsung > Battery Life Extender > Battery Life Extender

You will see a screen similar to this:


In that just switch to Normal Battery Mode.


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Updated on November 24, 2022


  • user222875
    user222875 about 1 month

    I have a samsung laptop and recently had a pop up message saying for battery to not completely charge to save battery life after doing this my battery does not completely charge. It charges to approx 50% but this does not allow me to use my computer for very long which is very frustrating, Anyone know how I can change the setting of my battery to go back to fully charge as I cannot seem to find anything in my battery options that allows me to do this.

  • Sepahrad Salour
    Sepahrad Salour over 9 years
    Please read again he said: after doing this my batter does not completely charge it charges to approx 50%
  • Andrea Gottardi
    Andrea Gottardi over 9 years
    after popup his battery charged to approx 50%, this is how I understood that sentence. Maybe system is charging battery up to 50% only, because it noticed battery was going down rapidly (health was below, for example, 70%).