Cell does not automatically reflect the result of a formula


Solution 1

Are your Calculation Options set to Manual? If they are, set them back to Automatic.

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Solution 2

Set Calculations to Automatic in Formulas > Calculation Options > Automatic for excel to update contents of formulas automatically.

If you don't want automatic calculations but want to trigger a calculation after values are changed press the "Calculate Now" button of F9.


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Vellarad
    Vellarad 2 months

    MS Excel 2010 is not updating formulas. For instance, I have this formula in cell D2:

    =A2 + B2

    If I put data in A2 and B2, D2 does not show the result.

    However, if I enter values in cells A2 and B2 first BEFORE I enter the formula in D2, it shows the result, but the formula only seems to work "once." If I change the values in either A2 or B2, D2 does not get updated.

    Can you help me ?

    • Dave
      Dave over 10 years
      What do you mean by "if I first fix the value of cell A2 and B2"
    • assylias
      assylias over 10 years
      Are you on automatic calculation mode: File > Excel Options > Formulas > Calculation options > Automatic?