How to disable breadcrumbs in Eclipse


Solution 1

If you are referring to the breadcrumbs in the help file of a RCP application, there is only a manual way to do it.

Since Ganymede 3.4M5:

Initial Breadcrump GUI

  • Michael Borgwardt mentions the toolbar icon dd
  • Slava Semushin provides a native shortcut based on Ctrl+3+bread, which points directly to the Toggle Java Editor Breadcrumb option.
  • Shachi reminds us below that you can right-click on any icon on the breadcrumb, and select the entry named "Hide Breadcrumb".

Hide breadcrumbs

Original answer (manual way, through key mapping)

Find the file\advanced\breadcrumbs.css and replace its contents with.

.help_breadcrumbs {
   display: none;

For the Java Editor breadcrumb, you need to assign a shortcut to the "Toggle Java Editor Breadcrumb" command (I have tested Alt+B, for instance)

alt text

That shortcut will make the breadcrumb bar appear/disappear at will.

Solution 2

With the editor window focussed, look for this icon in your toolbar: button to click

And click on it. That's all. The icon is present by default, but can be deactivated, in which case you have to activated as in MvanGeest's answer.

Solution 3

Another way which works for me at Eclipse Indigo (3.7): press Ctrl+3 and type bread, after that click on item Toggle Java Editor Breadcrumb.

Solution 4

  1. RightClick on any icon on breadcrumb.
  2. There is an option named HIDE BREADCRUMB.
  3. Click it and you are done. :D

Solution 5

Look for this icon in the toolbar:
button to click

This button toggles the Breadcrumb view on/off.

(I'm using Eclipse 3.7, and it's there by default)

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  • Muhammad Hewedy
    Muhammad Hewedy over 1 year

    How can I disable the Java editor breadcrumb in Eclipse?

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  • Fabian Steeg
    Fabian Steeg over 12 years
    Or via keyboard with command+option+b on the Mac (and I suppose ctrl+alt+b on others).
  • NateS
    NateS about 12 years
    For some reason I didn't have the toolbar item, even though I had Java Editor Presentation checked. The key stroke worked.
  • Roger C S Wernersson
    Roger C S Wernersson over 10 years
    Is Juno and Eclipse the same thing?
  • James McCracken
    James McCracken almost 10 years
    Juno is version 4.2 (currently the newest) of Eclipse.
  • earcam
    earcam over 9 years
    Handily the accepted answer's length necessitates scrolling this one into view =)
  • Pino
    Pino over 9 years
    Creating a shortcut is not necessary. The best answer is the one by Michael Borgwardt but also the one by Slava Semushin is very interesting.
  • Wes Winn
    Wes Winn over 8 years
    Just another thank you. Seriously, I've forgotten where the darn button is and wound up back here half a dozen times.
  • Wolfgang Fahl
    Wolfgang Fahl over 5 years
    more than 70000 views and 400 upvotes - this looks like a serious useability issue in Eclipse.