Neither libtoolize nor glibtoolize could be found


It is provided by the package libtool.

On Ubuntu you'd simply

sudo apt-get install libtool

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Zbarcea Christian
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Zbarcea Christian

Updated on June 04, 2022


  • Zbarcea Christian
    Zbarcea Christian 6 months

    I'm trying to compile a .cpp file but I must install libssh2. I have downloaded the package from and when I enter: ./buildconf I'm getting:

    Neither libtoolize nor glibtoolize could be found!

    I don't know what to do, I have included in the header libssh2.h ( #include ) and also the file does exists in the same folder where I have the source file what I'm trying to compile.

    • johnsyweb
      johnsyweb almost 10 years
      Do you have libtool installed?
  • Pancho
    Pancho over 7 years
    and on RedHat... yum install libtool
  • knocte
    knocte almost 7 years
    libtool provides libtoolize, but what package provides glibtoolize?
  • Elise van Looij
    Elise van Looij about 5 years
    When Homebrew installs libtool on a system that already has libtool (MacOS 10.12, Sierra, in my case), it installs to /usr/local/Cellar/libtool en prepends the existing installation with a 'g'. Thus, weirdly, one ends up with /usr/local/glibtool en /usr/local/glibtoolize. When avrdude's ./bootstrip could not find libtoolize, changing the command to glibtoolize solved to problem.