Solution 1

I had this problem which happened to me last year. When it says "Disk failure is IMMINENT", it really means that. Pull whatever data you value off of that, because it won't be long before it fails completely, wiping out what's on it. (Where "Won't be long can range from a day to about a week in my experience")

This is a hardware issue. The disk is physically failing. If it's new enough, check about sending it in under warranty. There isn't any repairing it.

Solution 2

Apart from contacting your disk's manufacturer, check my answer on What to do if Disk Utility shows bad sectors pending in SMART? as a last solution.

Won't save you the trouble to buy a new drive, or give you piece of mind about your data in this one, but could keep your disk away from the trash can for a while...


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Updated on September 18, 2022


  • Vaibhav
    Vaibhav 3 months

    I want to run the check file system tool, but for that I need to unmount the volume, I have just one partition, should I go ahead with unmount and repair. I am new to Ubuntu, so please help.(Image)

    enter image description here

    • atenz
      atenz over 10 years
      Can you post the output of sudo smartctl --all /dev/sda , please consider a Backup plan as soon as possible . I guess Checking and correcting File system won't help , since it is Hardware related, try to invest your time in Backing Up important data.
    • Mitch
      Mitch over 10 years
      See if this can help you:…
    • JSt
      JSt over 10 years
      I'll add to Martys comment, I think because it is physical, the problem will only get worse and you will lose data.
    • Takkat
      Takkat over 10 years
      Also Stop using the drive for anything other than data backup.
    • psusi
      psusi over 10 years
      Click on the SMART DATA button and put the details in your question, rather than the partition screen.